Lottery Bride 3 Sarah a western romance by Caty Callahan | Lottery Bride


For four years, Sarah Miles has been on her own. So when she finally turns eighteen and enters the lottery, she expects God to send her a kind man. Instead, he sends her a control freak obsessed with redheads who hates yoga.

Buck Hunter has worked hard to get what he has, a large profitable ranch. The only reason he enters the lottery is because there’s one woman in it and she’s a redhead. But there’s a scuffle and before he knows it, he’s saddled with a teenage bride and an orphan to boot. She’s willing to dye her hair and be whatever he wants her to be. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s perfect for him exactly as she is, which means he can’t remain emotionally unattached. And trying to keep control is hurting her.

A misunderstanding of epic proportions is about to drive a wedge between a husband and his wife and send her running.





To read the first chapter, click here, password is “sarah”.